Gear Recommendations (& swap)

The best gear for a rando race is . . . rando race gear!
Here's a thorough guide:

More briefly:
Even if you don't want to go all-out on race-specific gear, a race-specific ski pack allows you to attach & remove your skis for bootpack segments without taking your pack on & off.
(And these packs are great for shorter ski tours plus off-season hiking, biking, etc.)

You must wear a helmet at all times during the race, and that helmet must be certified for either skiing or climbing (or both).

For those too modest to appear in public wearing a one-piece lycra race suit (women-specific models too), a race top/jacket combined with any reasonable soft shell pant/tight (women's here & here) offers almost all the same benefits as a full suit (especially climbing skin stowage).
And click HERE for the new NE Rando custom racewear!

Plus check out the gear swaps at Facebook and also right here.

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