Course Layout- "The Sun" @ Bromley

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USSMA License Applymandatory for full competitive course
Registration: morning-of race also available, at add'l cost

2018 Schedule for March 17 (Saturday):
9:00   = Registration & bib pick-up opens, main lodge upstairs at Hammer banner.
9:30   = Registration & bib pick-up closes; pre-race briefing begins.
9:55   = Meet outside in front of lodge, boots & skis on, ready to skin.
10:00 = Start!
2:00   = Results, with prizes for the full course's top finishers.
Full Competitive Course = ~4,600' vertical plus bootpack vertical (new for 2018)
(2017 winning time = 1:18:55 by Brian MacIlvain, but no bootpack)
Shorter Recreational Course skips one (or both) of the repetitions in #6 below for 3,600' (or 2,600') vertical.
The 2017 course description below excludes a bootpack, which will be added for 2018.

Click HERE for full explanation of course flagging colors & rules for following this course description:
  1. Ascend Plaza > RIGHT @ tower #11 (just before lift terminal) > Upper Thruway (fork Left multiple times) > Run Around #1 > summit.
  2. Deskin @ Sun Mtn Express quad unload zone > Left of the unload zone > straight across wide open plateau > Sunder > Pabst Panic, staying within the mogul field (as delineated by the red-flagged wands).
  3. Ski > Left of Blue Ribbon Quad base > reskin *BEFORE* looping around the lift's load area.  (Skiing -- as opposed to skinning -- around the load area = automatic disqualification!)  After looping around the load area, look up to your Left:  skin up very broad & prominent Yodeler (much more obvious than on map).
  4. Traverse across broad intersection @ Yodeler top > skin up underneath Sun Mtn Express quad (mainly stay underneath returning chairs, but sometimes may need to stray slightly left underneath ascending chairs).
  5. Stay Right @ tower #16 > broad intersection > deskin (~100' vertical below summit) > pick up prior descent.
  6. Repeat 3,4,5 ... then repeat 3,4,5 yet again (i.e., for 3 complete circuits of skinning up from base of Blue Ribbon Quad to tower #16, followed by descent to base of Blue Ribbon Quad).
  7. Reskin @ Blue Ribbon Quad base > skin up Yodeler, but then . . . 
  8. . . . @ Yodeler top, deskin > look down to your Left > ski Upper East Meadow (in between zipline tower on left & small wooden race start shack on right) > slight Right onto Lower East Meadow.

Note: entire base area = Slow Skiing Zone, so ski at pace of other traffic & don't pass any fellow competitors after Slow signs on your way to the finish at the base area.
Topo map below is for pre-2018 course w/o a bootpack, and is shown as a continuous purple segment (i.e., not ISMF-keyed colors).