Pandemic Registration Procedures

Pandemic Race Registration Procedures

These registration procedures are designed to comply with state government athletic regulations for Massachusetts (specifically, "adult amateur sports activities" for "Lower Risk" sport "Competitions" under Phase III Step 1, Expansion of Activity Number 2 effective October 2020); and Vermont (specifically, "Outdoor sports >> no or low-contact"), with additional consultations of the guidance from the New England Nordic Ski Association and U.S. Ski & Snowboard.

Series registration:

  • USSMA membership is required for all races -- click HERE to join.
  • Upon joining, forward to the Series director both your USSMA license receipt AND FLU VACCINE PROOF.
  • You will then receive via USPS first-class mail a regular letter-sized envelope with three bibs (and twelve safety pins if you also request them) for the season.  
  • The bib numbers will be 3XY, 5XY, and 6XY -- only the two "XY" digits will be used for recording race results.  
  • Keep reusing the 3XY bib for as long as possible throughout the race season, retaining the other two set as backups.
  • If the address for your USSMA membership this season differs from the address that you have listed in the prior season, then you must provide proof to the Series director of full-time residency at the new address.
Individual race registration:
  • Registration for each race will continue to be hosted on SkiReg.
  • For race venues in Massachusetts, at the time of registration, racer must reside in a white-colored state as depicted HERE.
  • For race venues in Vermont, at the time of registration, racer must reside in a blue- or green-colored county as depicted HERE.
  • Baseline entry fee is $55, minus whatever percent discount award coupon codes you may have previously received from prior races, series-long standings, virtual events, etc.
  • The only option is now the full competitive course layout, and therefore all racers must have a backpack capable of carrying skis, and must have releasable alpine touring bindings (i.e., no telemark, and no splitboard).  But feel free to enter the race even if you are doubtful of your ability to complete the full course layout -- just try to give it your best effort!
Refunds only if any of the following:
(otherwise full credit for a future race if you cancel by 5pm the day before the race)
  • Entire race is cancelled (whether on account of weather forecast, snowpack conditions, or any other reason). 
  • You cancel your registration upon the removal of your residency from the cleared-to-travel list at any point in between the time of your race registration and the race date.
  • The race director cancels your race registration because your residency is no longer on the cleared-to-travel list effective for the morning of the race.  (VT currently publishes its update map on Tuesday, effective immediately; MA updates and effective dates vary.)
  • You fail to clear the state-specific on-line symptom checker (MA or VT) the morning of the race, then email a screen capture of the failure before the start time, and follow up with proof of a subsequent covid test by the Monday following the race date (regardless of the eventual result).