Berkshire East Weeknight Crit-Style Series

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On-line registration linked from each date below, all Thursdays, tied to Berkshire East night skiing schedule (skipping Presidential vacation week), subject to cancellation if course marking is necessary that day for an upcoming weekend USSMA race:


The following procedures are designed to comply w/ MA state gov't regs for athletic competitions (specifically, "adult amateur sports activities" for "Lower Risk" sport "Competitions" under Phase III Step 2, effective Dec 13 '20) and for ski resorts, with additional consultations of the guidance from the New England Nordic Ski Association and U.S. Ski & Snowboard.


  • Each weeknight race requires a separate registration, $10 per night, open on-line until 5:45pm the day of the race (i.e., 15 min before the start time), plus a resort uphill pass ($50/season, $15/session) or regular season pass.
  • Before registering for any nights, forward to the Series director proof of your flu vaccination.
  • Out-of-state racers must complete the requirements listed HERE including providing the race director with a copy of THIS FORM plus covid test proof (although note that a test would need to be taken no earlier than Monday evening, with the result received by Thursday afternoon).
  • Field size limited to 25 racers.
Refunds if:
  • Entire race is cancelled (whether on account of weather forecast, snowpack conditions, night skiing operations, or any other reason). 
  • You fail to clear the on-line symptom checker the date of the race, then email a screen capture of the failure before the start time, and follow up with proof of a subsequent covid test by the following day (regardless of the eventual result).
Credits only if any of the following for registration cancellation by 5:45pm the day of the race:
  • Race registration has not reached its 25-racer capacity limit.
  • Your cancellation occurs in time for another racer to get off the waiting list and take your slot.


  • Before, during, and after the race, you must always maintain a distance of AT LEAST FOURTEEN FEET (i.e., slightly under three ski-lengths) from all other racers, whether front-to-back or side-to-side. 
  • No spectators are allowed (beyond incidental viewing by the general skiing public).
  • Your "mask" -- as referenced throughout this page -- must be a "respirator" grade (non-valved) designed to meet the N95, KN95, FFP2, or similar standard.  For an apparently legitimate distributors of a model that performs well in tests and that costs only 99 cents in reasonable quantities, click HERE.
  • In addition, you must have a readily deployable cloth facial covering around your neck, whether the previously referenced mask or just a "Buff" or other gaiter, which you can immediately pull up over both your mouth and nose if necessary.
  • Must skin up on removable climbing skins on skis (160cm min length men, 150cm women) w/ full metal edges.  Prohibited = Dynafit Expedition and other AT bindings (e.g., Silvretta 300) w/o lateral release; SNS/NNN "bar" bindings; mountaineering, leather tele, or nordic boots; snowshoes.
  • Must wear a helmet, certified for ski and/or climb, at all times, both ascents & descents.
  • Must have a solid white light in front (only for skinning visibility, not skiing, so minimal lumens are ok) and a red light (preferably blinking) in back.
  • No caching or ditching of gear that you use during the race.


  • Before you depart for Berkshire East, complete the on-line symptom checker, be cleared by the checker, and then email the screen capture to the race director.
  • Whenever you are in the start area before the race, you must ALWAYS wear your respirator-grade mask, regardless of your distance from other racers, and regardless of whether any other racers are currently in the start area.
  • At 5:55pm, you must be within earshot of the start, between the base of the triple chair (almost certainly not running at night) and the building for the Mountain Coaster.
  • Any in-person pre-race briefing will take place at this time, but any necessary updates will probably go out as an email to the weeknight-specific SkiReg email list immediately before the start, so continue monitoring your email up to the 6:00 start area assembly!
  • Given all of the above, at exactly 6:00 we will most likely have an announcement of "Ten seconds, racers ready, five seconds, three, two, one, GO!"
  • When trailing other racers during the ascents, you must stay at least 2.7 ski-lengths (ie MA-mandated 14') behind the racer in front of you.  For skinning behind another racer, you therefore need to maintain a gap of 1.7 ski-lengths between your tips and the other racer's tails.
  • If passing, you must maintain a gap of at least 2.7 ski-lengths to the side of the racer being passed, and verbally convey your intentions to pass.
  • If a racer is gaining on you, practice sportsmanship (not gamesmanship!) by communicating appropriately and/or pulling off to the side so as to facilitate an inevitable pass.
  • You can remove your respirator-grade mask for the rest of the race once you count out 10 Mississippis to yourself, although you must be ready to deploy your other cloth facial covering at any moment should you not be able to maintain a 14' distance from other racers or members of the public.
  • Ascent route is up the groomed Lower Mohawk (closed at night), sweeping right turn to continue on Lower Mohawk, then bypass ungroomed Roy's Way on left, next fork left up the steep groomed Chute, which levels off briefly before one final short steep pitch, then transition on a road-like section of Mohawk (which has wrapped back in from your right).
  • Remove skins, stashing them either in your clothing or (optional) pack (but not just holding onto them), maintaining your distance of at least 2.7 ski-lengths from other racers.
  • Ski down the very short closed road-like section of the variously named trail in the maps below (no lights, but is brighter than many sections of open trails), then merge into Big Chief (use caution re lift-served skiers coming down from above you!), making turns, standing up (i.e., no alpine racing elbows-in-front-of-knees, no arms-behind-back), staying within ski patrol speed limits.
  • Slow down as you approach the base (no dramatic "hockey" stops!), then transition to skinning at the same location as the start, once again maintaining your distance of 2.7 ski-lengths from other racers.
  • No on-foot hiking, walking, booting, climbing, snowshoeing: all travel is on skis (or snowboard), both ascents & descents, i.e., if skis off, you're stationary at a transition area (or you crashed…).
  • You must *begin* your final ski>skin transition by 7:00 (or within an hour of whenever we -- or just you -- started).
  • Once you have finished the race, make note of your number of laps and finish time (to serve as a tiebreaker among racers with the same number of laps), preferably recording on your watch or phone to upload to Strava (all free!) so you can focus on skinning and skiing (with transitions in between too of course), then email to race director.
  • If you linger in the finish area beyond the second or so necessary to stop your watch before skiing away, then you must put your respirator-grade mask back on and keep it on whenever in the finish area, regardless of your distance from other racers, and regardless of whether any other racers are currently in the finish area.
  • Once you leave the finish area, your mask or other cloth facial covering must be over both your mouth and nose.
  • Prizes will be shipped out at season conclusion, something for everyone, selected in order of season-long standings, as ranked by # of races attended, w/ ties broken by total # of laps, and discounts in each gender (both Open and 45+) during the following season for: 1st place = 100% off, 2nd = 1/2 off, 3rd = 1/3 off.