Course Layout- "The Magic" @ Magic Mtn

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USSMA License Apply: mandatory for full competitive course
Registration: morning-of race also available, at add'l $10

2018 Schedule for January 6 (Saturday):
10:00  = Registration & bib pick-up opens, main lodge at Hammer banner.
11:15  = Registration & bib pick-up closes; pre-race briefing begins.
11:50  = Meet just inside main lodge doors as a group, 100% ready to race.
11:55  = Exit lodge, grab skis (with skins already on), and short jog as a group to start line.
12:00  = Start!
03:00  = Results, with prizes for the full course's top finishers.

2018 update:  Procedures for start and finish have both been modified to ensure nearly zero time spent waiting around outside in the cold.  Plus course layout has been trimmed at the top and bottom to eliminate all groomed (i.e., colder) skiing.

Full Competitive Course = ~5,000' vertical for 2018 (~6,000' if not trimmed for cold wx)
(2018 winning time = 1:29 by Milan Kubala)
Shorter Recreational Course = 1, 2, or 3 full skintrack laps (i.e., no partial lap w/ bootpack) of ~1,300' each.
Follow ISMF color-coded wands (planted in snow), flagging (on trees, towers, pipes), and "turf" paint (on snow): green skinning, yellow booting (skis affixed to pack, *not* held in hands), red skiing (skins stowed in clothing or pack, *not* held in hands), and blue transitions (with wand symbols for skinningskiing, and booting):
  1. Start (after group skin from lodge) @ Red Chair tower #4 > Lower Red Line > Left onto Carumba > Left onto Wand > Right onto Magic Carpet.
  2. Deskin @ top of Witch.
  3. Ski Witch > Red Line.
  4. At prominent cat track, look to skier's Left for transition to affix skis to pack > boot up ~270' vertical in tight steep woods to climber's Right of Red Line. (Do NOT boot on ski trail!)
  5. Just past tower #16 at narrow cat track, reaffix skis to rejoin prior descent down Red Line, continuing onto Lower Red Line.
  6. Reskin @ merger with Carumba to rejoin prior skintrack and repeat #1-5 above.
  7. Repeat entire circuit again!
  8. Finish (after 3 cycles of entire circuit) by continuing ski descent (but not passing other racers at this point) all the way to lodge, where your time will be recorded (by finish volunteers watching from inside).