Course Layout- Crotched Mountain

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Driving Directions
Race Rulesread & heed!
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USSMA License Applymandatory (but free!) for full course

Registration (includes lift ticket for after the race):
  • $43 at Webscorer through 8pm Saturday.
  • $53 on-site morning of race.
  • $10 entry fee for season pass holders.
Day-of-race schedule:
8:00   = Registration and bib pick-up opens [main lodge].
8:30   = Registration and bib pick-up closes.
8:35   = Pre-race briefing.
8:55   = Boots and skis on, ready to skin.
9:00   = Start!
10:00 = Milky Way trail closure reopened [see course description for details]
12:00 = Results, with prizes for the top finishers in the Full Competitive Course.

Mass start at base:
  • Skins already on skis.
  • Determination on race morning whether start is skis already on or "Le Mans"-style (i.e., sprint on foot to lined-up skis).
  • Follow green-, red-, and yellow-flagged wands as described & shown below.
  • Transition zones between modes are indicated by change in flag color, and also by wands with blue-on-white symbols (i.e., skinningskiing, booting/hiking on foot w/ skis affixed to pack).
  • Layout -- including whether course has a boot pack -- subject to change based on conditions during flagging the prior afternoon and early on race morning.
  • Full Competitive Course = ~3,300' vertical, skin up looker's right > just shy of summit, ski under Rocket quad, transition to skin up CM Park > Magnitude > boot up Darkstar glade (mainly bare ground, almost no snow or ice), ski Satellite Summit > Meteor; transition at quad to skin across base area to repeat same circuit.
  • "Nearly Full" Course = Milky Way between Moonwalk & Velocity is closed to public until 10:00, then racers on 2nd circuit will be directed to Velocity > Shooting Star to rejoin remainder of course.
  • Shortened noncompetitive course skips bootpack (i.e., transitions at top of Magnitude to ski Meteor, skipping Satellite Summit), and can also be one complete circuit instead of two.

[Click in top right of map below to open in CalTopo for detailed course data -- and ignore the basemap's red line wandering off to the south away from the resort!.]